What Should You Consider Before Buying a New Phone?

What Should You Consider Before Buying a New Phone?


If you’re not a technophile, you are most probably only thinking about buying a completely new smartphone if your existing phone breaks or the technologies are too outdated. As there may be a fairly good chance that you are not that aware of the smartphone technology evolution, here we share things to search for in a phone before you buy.

Budget Comes First

Smartphones are no longer a luxurious purchase because you can find a budget smartphone easily. You will get what you pay for. Nevertheless, gone are the days where smartphones belong solely to the upper-class society. Now, with the rise of cost of living, we’d always believe it’s better for you to know about your own affordability before purchasing a smartphone and not get too influenced by all the hype with expensive and trending phones. To us, unless you can afford them, buying an RM5,000 iPhone X is just insane!

Alternatives: Vivo Y53 and the Likes

There are still a lot of brands out there apart from Samsung & Apple that sells the awesome smartphone for such an affordable price. Vivo, for example, has the Y53 model that costs only RM599, and yet comes with decent features.

Vivo Y53 Malaysia


If you like this model, feel free to visit Vivo Malaysia’s website here: http://www.vivo.com/product/my/y53/index.html

Moving on to the Features


The operating system of a smartphone plays a quite essential role, as it reflects the type of interface you will be using every day. Choosing iOS is clear-cut. However, in the event you use Android, then there are many different brands to bear in mind: Vivo, Google, Huawei, and a lot more that makes some of the top Android phones out there.


Size matters, also for your smartphone screen. Should you be a person who likes to play games and watch videos for hours, an even bigger screen is right for you. However, if you value a mobile phone that simply fits your pocket, you really should consider choosing a smaller phone versus the 5.5-inch iPhones S.

Display Quality

To begin with, you should know that bigger screen does not always mean better display. It’s because, for display, the colour quality and screen brightness may appear far more important as compared to the screen resolution itself. So, pay extra attention when you get your hands on any smartphone at the store.


If you like taking great photos, the camera performance of your smartphone is imperative, but do not just look into the megapixels. 5-megapixel cameras often take better photos than 12-megapixel cameras. The size of the lens, the sensor additionally, the image processor make the real difference. Some brands, like Vivo, produce the best smartphone camera by implementing a dual lens, to make substantially more beautiful photos.

Storage Capacity

Now, better camera performance typically means a couple of things. First, you will have a lot of pics and vids. Second, you’ll need a big space with that. So, ensure that you consider smartphones with more than 32GB of storage, for if it’s not, you have got to clean up your storage more regularly.

Power Performance

The battery pack which doesn’t last for very long is often the challenge we’ve got, that is why power banks are really popular now. Considering the screen size, long-hour net connection and a lot more, most smartphones could last one day. But, a smartphone that is able to last as long as 9 hours after full 4G streaming is a great one.

Additional Features

Sometimes, you have a specific needs as well. So, you really should check out extra features which will help for making phone usage far easier. For example, manufacturers have now introduced wireless charging for convenient, a fingerprint scanner for security, and several additional features that are nice to have.

That’s pretty much everything from us. Good luck on your hunt!