What is RHB Reflex Online Cash Management?

What is RHB Reflex Online Cash Management?

Cash management is a general term for the corporate process of collecting and managing cash as well as using it for short-term investments. It’s a crucial component in keeping a company’s financial stability and reduces the risk of insolvency.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, cash management is now possible online. An example of a bank that offers this service to relieve the pains of traditional banking is RHB Bank.

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What services does Reflex Cash Management (RCM) offer?

With RCM, you will be able to manage information, payables, receivables, liquidity and more. Each form of management allows you to be more in control of your cash management.

Information management

Get real-time information of account activities, balances and statements to be in control of your banking accounts and optimise your financial and business decisions.

  • Consolidated balances
  • Statements
  • Info management
  • Credit card merchant report
  • Cheque book management

Payables management

You can now transfer funds and perform payments more efficiently with multiple RCM services online.

  • Payroll
  • Funds transfer
  • Foreign telegraphic transfer (FTT)/ Multicurrency FTT
  • Bills payment
  • Bulk payment
  • e-Dividend
  • Financial process exchange (FPX) payment
  • Loan repayment

Receivables management

Manage and track incoming funds to facilitate account reconciliation.

  • Bills collection
  • Auto debit
  • Financial process exchange (FPX) collection
  • Corporate collection

Liquidity management

Get more leverage in your business by maximising your returns from your idle balances and surplus cash positions.

  • Sweeping
  • Fixed deposit

Additional services

  • Trade application
  • TradeInfoLink
  • Payment advice notification
  • Host to host (H2H)
  • HR & payroll automation

How secure is RCM?

It’s understandable if you feel online banking activities are unsafe; however RHB assures that it is their priority in protecting your data.

RHB RCM uses data encryption, secure application access and authorisation, audit trail, dual system administrator and hash total formula to ensure you have a peace of mind while using RCM.


RHB Reflex Cash Management eases the banking process by consolidating cash management, trade and payment solutions.

It’s easy and secure! Visit https://www.rhbgroup.com/products-and-services/business/reflex-online-cash-management/overview now.