The Right Phone: Tips on How to Spot Them

The Right Phone: Tips on How to Spot Them

If you’re not a technophile, you are probably only thinking about buying a new phone as your existing phone breaks or maybe the technology is too outdated. As you will find there’s pretty good chance that you are not that conscious of the smartphone technology evolution, take a look at share what to consider in a phone before buying.


Operating System

You’ll find mainly 2 types of Operating system – Android & iOS. As outlined by users, iOS is normally easier to use, but Android provides more choice. If you want to manage to get your hands on the latest apps first, try using iPhone. However, if you want more hardware option, which include Vivo Mobile, Samsung, or Oppo, then Android is definitely to choose.


Display Size

Discover the right size screen. First off, big is not necessarily better for people who have small hands. Bigger screens are fantastic for watching Youtube videos, plus they’re also useful when in addition to the multi-window feature introduced in Android Nougat. But, they can be as handy for the reason that smaller ones that matches perfectly in nearly all pocket you might have.


Display Quality

Display quality is a very important feature you’ll need to consider, when the color quality and even screen brightness matter well over resolution. You need to pay attention to the brightness of the screen while it determines if it will be easier to utilize phone conveniently outdoors.




Today we come to a heavily contested feature, that is the camera performance. Most smartphones today make an effort to pack the perfect available camera inside their mobile. Soon, you will recognise that in terms of amount of megapixels, bigger doesn’t mean better. A fantastic indicator of camera quality is the quality of the image processor on your lens. Vivo Mobile smartphones come in their very own league, offering not only one, but twin lens which weave out a fabric of ultra top quality photographs. For moments of perfect selfie, Vivo has got the best smartphone camera and emerge as the clear winner in this phone category.


Storage Capacity

In these times where videos, photo’s and games on your smartphone become more and many more important, you should be sure you have adequate storage capacity. We advise you to pick not less than 32GB. Do you record a large amount of videos or do you upload your entire meals on Instagram? Then consider 64GB of storage. Especially on your iPhone it is very important know how much storage you absolutely need, since you can not switch it after. However, on Android phones it’s actually possible to get more storage due to their Micro sd card.


Power Performance

The battery pack that won’t go very far is usually the challenge you’ll find, that’s precisely why powerbanks are incredibly demanded now. With the display size, long-hour web connection plus more, most smartphones could last under a day. But, a phone that is able to last up to 9 hours after full 4G streaming is a great one.


Additional Features

Each person have different needs, so sometimes the additional features might come in handy to you personally. If you’re an advanced user and do not mind paying premium for convenience, search for phones that support wireless charging or fingerprint scanner phone unlocker. Some smartphones are also able to double as a screen projector or possibly a VR display.

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To conclude, it’s related to what you wish in a smartphone. Smartphones shall no longer be a lavishness purchase simply because you can have a less expensive smartphone easily. You’re going to get what you pay for. Yet, gone are the days where smartphones belong solely for the middle and upper class.