How to improve quality of breast milk?

How to improve quality of breast milk?

It is common for new born babies to drink their mother’s breast milk. Did you know, breast milk contains many benefits? Yes, breast milk is rich in vitamins and minerals that helps your baby’s growth and health. And do not be surprised if breast milk is listed as the 10 best food in the world.

This mother’s milk actually has a very magical function! Besides supplying food and the need for baby growth, this breast milk can also protect your baby from any undesirable infections and other chronic problems. In addition, breast milk can strengthen the love between mother and child. Since breast milk is produced from a combination of protein, fat, vitamins and carbohydrates from the mother’s body. However, some mommy having hard time to provide breastmilk, hence, they need baby milk or formula milk to replace it.

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The quality of breast milk is generally the same. But there are few ways that can increase and improve the quality of breast milk effectively.

Practice balanced and nutritious foods

Nursing mothers should include nutrition that contains all vitamins, minerals and protein required by the body. A complete multivitamin with all the vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Vitamin D, Protein, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium helps complete the body’s nutrition. Do not forget to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and cereals. Also, you can take dried fruits as a snack and also nourishing nuts such as almonds, pistachios or almonds. Avoid salty foods and oily foods as well as foods high in sugar and salt.

Intake of Omega Fatty Acids 3

Omega 3 fatty acids contain EPA, EFA and DHA that you can get from mackerel, salmon and other seafood. DHA (Dokosaheksaenoat Acid) and EPA (Acid Eikosapentaenoate) are more familiar with Omega 3 while AA (Arachydonate Acid) is also known as Omega 6. Both DHA, EPA and AA are an unsaturated essential fatty acids class that are indispensable for infant’s brain development and golden age of growth. These are the main ingredients in the formation of the nerve fibers and prostaglandins required for immune and blood clots. Some of these studies have shown that combinations of DHA, EPA, and AA can improve cognitive function and visual abilities in infants.

Avoid foods containing toxins

Nowadays it is quite possible to avoid toxins. They are found everywhere. Any food such as chicken, fish and meat commonly are not fresh. We recommend buying antibiotic-free chickens – ARF (antibiotic residue free) or organic or fresh fish or village meat even though it is almost impossible to avoid toxic food in this age.

Avoid processed foods, especially white sugar and white flour

Watch the sugar hidden in the food. Because too much sugar can cause asthma problems, phlegm and cough prolonged which really bad to an infant.


It is important to determine and improve the quality of your breast milk if your child is breastfeeding. This is for the benefit of the baby’s health and their growth is in line with their age. But among the best advices doctor will give as to increase the supply of breast milk, you can breastfeed your baby more often, breastfeeding every time they hungry, breastfeeding for a longer period of time or until your baby is satisfied and empty your breast when breastfeeding before turning to the next breasts again.